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Routine Maintenance

Routine vehicle maintenance is often over-looked but can prevent costly repairs and accidents.  With today’s vehicles becoming increasingly complex, it is more important now than ever to properly maintain your vehicle and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Maintaining your vehicle extends the life of your vehicle, increases performance and makes it safer for you and […]

Headlight Restoration

Your vehicle is constantly exposed to environmental “hazards” which can affect it’s appearance and sometimes it’s function.   After being exposed to air and UV radiation, your headlight covers can oxidize and become cloudy and yellow, decreasing the amount of light that can show through and thereby, impairing your vision when you need it most.  Restoring […]

Engine Electrical System

You engine’s electrical system consists of your battery, alternator, starter and other electrical components vital to keep your vehicle running, running smoothly and making sure it starts on even the coldest days of the year.   Breakdown in these components can leave you and your vehicle stranded and needing a tow.  Maintenance and repair of […]


Today’s vehicles are being designed with more and more electronic components.  These complex systems keep your vehicle running smoothly, manage emissions and implement a large range of safety and stability features.  Because of their complexity, they require special expertise to diagnose, repair and maintain.  If any of your warning lights come on or you notice […]

Fuel System

Over time, fuel injectors can become clogged with varnish or carbon buildup and instead of spraying a fine mist of fuel and air, they spray a liquid stream which burns poorly.   Waste fuel leaves carbon deposits in the engine, increasing emissions and robing you of your mileage and performance. As well as clogged fuel […]


Bald tires or even just worn tread can cause your vehicle to lose it’s grip on the road, especially during wet and/or icy conditions which  can lead to accidents.  Surveys have shown that at least half of the vehicles on the road have half worn tread on their tires and around 10 percent have at least one […]

Cooling System

Cooling system failure accounts for 60% of all roadside breakdowns but with proper maintenance is avoidable. Coolant is made up of water, glycol and an additive package.  The glycol and water are necessary to provide protection from freezing but are very corrosive and you need the additive package to protect the metal components of your […]

Differential Service

The “differential” in your drive system is a complicated series of gears which enable the wheels to turn corners smoothly and they require special fluids to stay lubricated.  High heat, pressure and friction cause fluids to oxidize and break down, leading to loss of lubricity that can accelerate gear wear.  Differential fluid exchange cleans the […]


Arguably, brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle.  In order to avoid costly repairs or even complete failure of your braking system, it is highly recommended to have your brakes checked regularly.  A few warning signs that there may be a problem are: Grinding noise when braking Brake pedal pulsates up and down when […]

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