Cooling System

Cooling system failure accounts for 60% of all roadside breakdowns but with proper maintenance is avoidable. Coolant is made up of water, glycol and an additive package.  The glycol and water are necessary to provide protection from freezing but are very corrosive and you need the additive package to protect the metal components of your vehicle.  The additive package has been shown to break down over time, making a flush and replacement of the coolant in your vehicle important.

Some of the components that make up your vehicles cooling system that should be regularly inspected are the Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat, Radiator Cap, Belts and Hoses, Heater Core and the Coolant itself.

 Come See Us  for coolant system maintenance to:

  • Minimize expensive repairs on your Coolant System
  • Renew efficiency of your coolant system
  • Maximize the life of your coolant system components