Bald tires or even just worn tread can cause your vehicle to lose it’s grip on the road, especially during wet and/or icy conditions which  can lead to accidents.  Surveys have shown that at least half of the vehicles on the road have half worn tread on their tires and around 10 percent have at least one completely bald tire.  When a tire loses it’s tread it can no longer channel water in the grooves, causing skidding and hydroplaning.   Manufacturers have made it easier than ever to spot a bald or worn tire, by placing molded bars in the treads of the tire.  If the bar becomes flush with the remaining tread, your tire is bald and absolutely needs replacing.  Replacing worn tires and installing weather appropriate ones (i.e.winter tires) can reduce skidding, sliding and hydroplaning and can make your vehicle safer on the road.

We sell and install all major brands of tires.  Call us for a quote when it’s time to put new tires on your vehicle.

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Tire Storage

For your convenience we also offer storage for your off-season tires.